Chromebook & Technical Support


Compass High School encourages all parents/guardians to pick up a school-owned Chromebook for each enrolled student.  It is beneficial for every student to have their own device rather than sharing with family members.

School-owned devices also come with security features. Families will also receive a charging cord and personalized information to assist with computer login and use. Contact the front office for Chromebook distribution.

Technical Support

If you have technical problems with a student’s Google account (forgotten passwords, etc.) or technical issues with the Chromebook, Technical Support is available 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday through email and telephone support.


For technical support call the front office at 520 296-4070. 


For technical support email:


Parents/Guardians can familiarize themselves with their student’s Chromebook by viewing this tutorial video. And others videos here.

Internet Resources

Low-cost resources for internet access:

Student Resources

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