2020-2021 Distance Learning Program

We intend to operate distance learning until April 12th, 2021* for all students. 

After April 12th, 2021*: We intend to operate distance learning and use a hybrid approach once the Governor allows schools to fully reopen. 

Compass is planning to utilize four high-quality learning models in the 2020-2021 school year to provide options for students and families:

Learning Models

In-Person Classroom Learning
Starting April 12th, 2021*
Availability may be limited depending on parent/student demand
Full-Time Distance LearningAvailable all year

Hybrid Learning
Starting April 12th, 2021*
Combination of In-Person & Distance Learning Options
i.e. half of the students attend Mon/Wed and half of the students Tues/Thurs, half of the students come each week, etc.

Dropout Recovery Program
Only for students eligible for this program are students who are 16 years old or older and have not been in enrolled in school for 30 or more days

Learning Option 1: In-Person Classroom Learning
Starting April 12th, 2021*

(Availability may be limited depending on parent/student demand)

Compass will plan to open, as normal as possible, with health and safety measures in place. Classroom learning will include students coming back to campus with a 9 to 1 student to teacher/room ratio with students signing in “Virtually” from home. You will find information regarding new health and safety measures in the Safety Protocol Plan.

  • Schedule may include
    • Five days a week In-Person (Depending on availability)
    • MWF classes In-Person, TTH Virtual classes / Online courses
    • TTH classes In-Person, MWF Virtual classes / Online courses
  • CHS teachers and curriculum 
  • Social-emotional support
  • Cores & Electives offered
  • Accommodations and services available
  • Transition to Distance Learning if needed

Learning Option 2: Full-Time Distance Learning
Available ALL YEAR

Compass will offer full-time distance learning designed to meet the personalized learning needs of students.  Students enrolled in the online learning option will have 3 Distance Learning options to choose from:

  • Distancing Learning Choice 1: – Online Canvas courses supported by APEX Learning and ILC teachers/support staff
    • The student will receive support from a teacher(s) of record, yet content will be generated by the online curricular platform.
    • Social-emotional support
    • Cores & Electives 
    • Accommodations and services available
    • A Chromebook, internet and other course materials will be provided by CHS as necessary
  • Distancing Learning Choice 2: – Virtual Classes
    • Five days per week
    • CHS teachers and curriculum 
    • Students will report to a virtual classroom which including live stream lectures and discussions
    • Class activities, assignments, projects, and assessments will be accessed and submitted online via Canvas.
    • Social-emotional support
    • Cores & Elective
    • Accommodations and services available
    • A Chromebook, internet and other course materials will be provided by CHS as necessary.
  • Distancing Learning Choice 3: – Combination of Online Canvas Courses & Virtual Classes 

Learning Option 3: Hybrid Learning – Starting April 12th, 2021*
(Availability may be limited depending on parent/student demand)

Compass will offer a hybrid learning option to meet the personalized learning desires and needs of students.  

Students will participate in a combination of Face to Face classes offered on campus, Online Canvas courses supported by APEX Learning, and Virtual Classes taught by teachers live. 

Learning Option 4: Dropout Recovery Program
(Only available to students that are eligible)

Compass will offer a DRP for eligible students. Students will either take Virtual Classes, Online courses, in-person classes or have course packets delivered to them. 

Distance Learning Attendance Guidelines

Students will continue to be enrolled at CHS unless the student is absent for ten consecutive school days, except for excused absences identified by the department of education, in accordance with ARS 15-901.A.1. An absence occurs for a distance learning student when the student is not excused for the day, does not attend their scheduled Zoom live class session(s), and does not sign into CHS’s Learning Management System (Canvas) during the day.

For “In-Person” Attendance guidelines, please see our Student Handbook.

Exceptional Education

Special Education accommodations, modifications and services will be available in a virtual setting.

  • Services
    • IEP and MET meetings will be held over the phone or via video conferences.
    • Special Education teachers will be present in virtual classrooms to provide support to teachers and students with disabilities.
    • 1:1 and small group services will be provided in a virtual Study Skills classroom or break out rooms during virtual classes.
    • Virtual tutoring will be available in the Integrated Learning Center for Canvas classes and virtual classes
    • Paper copies of classwork will be provided as an accommodation
    • General Education and Special Education teachers will offer virtual “office hours” for both students with disabilities and English Language Learners 
      • Teachers will provide a structured learning environment using a combination of Canvas, Google Classroom, and live-stream applications.  
  • Progress Monitoring
    • Quarterly progress reports will be sent home to students and families

On-Site Support Services

Compass High School will provide free on-site learning opportunities and support services for students who need a place to go during the day as required by Executive Order 2020-41. The intention of the Governor’s Order is that schools serve the more vulnerable students, including those with special education services, English learners, and those in care of the Arizona Department of Child Safety, including Foster Care.

On-site Support Services begins Monday, August 17. Space is limited due to the importance of optimizing the use of available staff and resources, and the critical health protocols that need to be safely maintained.

Families who have the resources to adequately support their students’ remote learning at home are asked, if possible, to refrain from requesting this capacity-driven service. These targeted On-site Support Services will be offered to the extent that physical distancing and mitigation strategies, as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health officials, can be ensured.

In order to plan appropriately for On-site Support Services at each school site, Compass High School needs to know approximately how many families will require support services. After carefully reading the information on this page, please contact the front office to request on site support services.  Please note: This is not a reservation for On-site Support Services. Admittance to On-site Support Services will be reviewed based on need, and families will be notified of approval.

Compass High School will implement advance scheduling procedures to facilitate planning and to ensure that the number of students present for on-site support does not exceed recommended physical distancing and on-site capacity on any given day.

On-site Support Services is only available during school hours for the time period in which CHS is providing remote/distance learning to all students in order to comply with the governor’s Executive Orders 2020-41, 2020-44, and 2020-51, Arizona: Open for Learning. When CHS is able to provide in-person classroom learning, On-Site Support Services will no longer be available.

On-Site Support Services Is…

  • A place for students who need a quiet, safe environment to independently engage in their remote classes during the school day. It is similar to a supervised study hall.
  • Supervised by CHS support staff.
  • Students are expected to be self-directed and follow all CHS rules, policies, and regulations.
  • Available by application only and approval by CHS. Unscheduled drop-offs are not permitted.
  • Highly structured. Students must stay in their assigned area and must remain actively engaged in their remote lessons.
  • Offered at no cost to CHS students.


  • Students should bring their CHS-issued Chromebook. Wi-Fi is available.
  • Morning and afternoon breaks are scheduled each day.
  • Students will be in an unassigned classroom.
  • Small group sizes are maintained to maximize physical distancing.
  • Cleaning and hygiene guidelines are strictly followed.
  • Face coverings are required.

On-site Support Services Is Not… 

  • It is NOT traditional teacher-led, in-person instruction by a certified teacher.
  • It is NOT the same as an engaging in-person classroom environment.
  • It is NOT a place for students to hang out and socialize.  


  • School transportation is not available. Transportation to and from school is provided by the family.
  • Exceptions for special education students with transportation needs, as outlined in the Individualized Education Plan.  
  • Teachers and counselors are not available to meet in-person.

More Information

Sites, Hours

  • Offered on CHS campus
  • Restricted schedule, aligned with the school’s calendar and regular school hours.
  • Depending on demand, students may be accepted for alternate days or weeks.
  • Not available during school breaks and holidays

A Typical Day

  • Students report directly to their assigned school location for the day; limited movement to other areas of the school
  • Services and resources provided to meet critical needs
  • Self-directed, student-paced academic work and assignments aligned with Remote Learning/Distance Learning
  • Break with snack provided by family
  • Dismissal: Parent pick-up

This Distance Learning Program & Models are taken from the Distance Learning Plan Template for School Districts.


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