2023 Prom Spirit Week

Our last Spirit Week for the school year will be May 1, 2023- May 5, 2023!

  • Monday: “SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY“- Show your CHS Pride by wearing our school colors, Compass High hoodies, & show school spirit. 
  • Tuesday: “WESTERN DAY“- Wear a western shirt, flannel, or boots!
  • Wednesday: “WEAR PINK DAY“- Celebrate the bight, fun, Spring season by wearing the color pink!
  • Thursday: “SPACE DAY“- Wear something related to space; Star Wars, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, Aliens, Space Force, Etc. 
  • Friday: “NATURE DAY“- In honor of this year’s Prom Theme Enchanted Garden, wear something that has to do with nature. 

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