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My name is Kevin! I am a photographer here in Tucson and have been working in the high school setting as well now for a few years. I teach Photo, Video and Multimedia this school year and am super stoked about that. I have a passion for photography and have been lucky enough to shoot some pretty cool stuff like concerts, sporting events and weddings all around the world. I enjoy being part of the Compass community!

Kevin Asher Multimedia/Photography

Hey Gators! My name is Kelly Nagashima and I am starting my 6th year at Compass High School. I help teach Math Essentials and can also assist you in the Student Services Department. Stop by if you have questions about your credits, schedule, or if you just need to chat. When I'm not at the school, I am busy hanging with my pup, Dex, rock climbing, playing ukulele or sewing. I am really looking forward to getting to know all of you and supporting your growth this year!

Kelly Nagashima Student Services

Hi all! My name is Sydni. I am a self-proclaimed crazy chicken lady and a mother to an energetic four year old little girl. (Many say she is my mini me!) I teach math here at Compass. Math has always been a love of mine - So much so that I went to ASU to study just that! I look forward to spending the year getting to know you and spreading a bit of math love!

Sydni Stout Math

Hi all, my name is Angela, and I'm the dance instructor here at Compass High School. You can also find me in the English Essentials classroom, or out and about campus getting to know our awesome students! Movement, whether it be dance or yoga, is a huge passion of mine, along with expressing myself through the written word. I feel so lucky that the things I enjoy in life are the things that I get to share with you here at Compass! Feel free to pop in to tell me your favorite song, to get some help with your writing skills, or to just hang out and chat. I'm so excited for another awesome year here at CHS!  

Angela McGinty Dance

 Hola! I'm Maritza... recently moved here from the sunny (yet cool) Cali weather. Stop me anytime to talk about The Beach, and I'll go on about it for days. I have been teaching, tutoring, and advising students for about 5 years now. But that was back home, so let's see what Tucson brings! 

Maritza Gonzalez Tutor/ Teaching Assistant
Kyle McCammack /IT
Priscilla Arriola / Registrar

Hi there, I am Josh. I teach Environmental Science, Natural Resources and Science Essentials here at Compass. My favorite thing about the job is interacting with the students and finding new ways to make them laugh. I am originally from Nebraska but am quickly seeing Tucson as home. In my spare time, you can find me practicing archery, climbing, or playing D&D.