Mission & Culture

The primary goal of Compass High School is to exceed the Arizona Standards with quality education.

It is our mission to encourage our students to develop life skills through their education process.

CHS is dedicated to providing each student with equal opportunities by offering individualized, self-paced programs.

Our supportive learning environment promotes each student's individuality. 

We are an open school of choice and encourage mutual respect and self-control in and out of the classroom. We believe in non-coercive, non-threatening policies.


We seek cooperation through communication and define ourselves by how we deal with conflict. We do set boundaries and have a student handbook containing our school rules and expectations.

The student, the teacher, the subject, the content and the school all influence what and how learning happens. Class sizes are small (ideal 16:1). We have vans for field trips and other out of school "happenings" are frequent. Lecture or "content presentations" are minimized and our classrooms of "inquiry" encourage dialog between students with students and teachers learning from each other, side by side.

Our Classroom