We believe that great learning can take place outside of a formal classroom setting. Credit can be earned in many unconventional ways such as independent study, travel, special projects, internships and passages. 

We pride ourselves on our innovative campus design. Our architecture allows us to redefine the idea of school by inspiring learning in unexpected places. These unique educational spaces allow for collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking. 

We believe...

that high school should prepare teenagers for their lives as adults. Understanding the process of learning and the personal application of acquired knowledge is forefront in our curriculum. 

We encourage teachers to design their own courses with this goal in mind. Therefore, our academic and intellectual development is complemented with the development of practical, personal, and social skills. 










Our Challenge As Educators

As an alternative choice to traditional high schools, we pride ourselves on offering individualized, self-paced programs that promote quality education and an opportunity for success for all students. 


We believe that a hands-on experience is more valuable then textbook content. Instead of assessing students' ability with school-wide tests and quizzes, we encourage teachers to gauge their progress with practical demonstrations of their learning.