Students have the opportunity to work with their advisor to create a passage. Our passages are individually designed learning experiences that encourage students to pursue their passion for learning in the areas of career, adventure, practical skills, creativity, global awareness, logical inquiry or a personal challenge. A passage can be the beginning of a life exploration, the start of a career, or just a fun, unique experience. Eligible passages can fulfill required credits and can help students expedite their graduation. 


The most important difference between conventional high schools and Compass High School is our emphasis on relationships as founded in Art Combs' six principles of learning.


With this in mind, each student is assigned an advisor with whom the student develops his “mutually agreed upon education plan” or MAP. This plan helps students navigate their education and learning intent. 

Our advisory system guarantees that each student has a strong relationship with at least one staff member. Advisors encourage and challenge their students and prevent them from falling through the cracks. Ideally, an advisor will follow a student’s progress throughout his or her academic career at Compass High School. An essential part of advising is to help students overcome transitional challenges and obstacles.