In conventional public schools, learning happens solely in the classroom, at a defined pace. Textbook content is chosen by the school district, and student progress is assessed primarily with quizzes and tests. This type of "one size fits all" system often results in students learning memorization and test-taking skills, instead of acquiring knowledge and life skills. Many students get left behind, becoming disconnected and uninterested in their education. 

Compass High School is an innovative charter school that provides teenagers with a choice from the conventional public education system. We cater to all different learning styles and we encourage students to self-advocate and express their identity through their learning. Our goal as educators is to give students the resources they need to challenge themselves, become passionate about life-long learning,   and become active, capable citizens. 

A Unique Tucson High School

About Compass High School


Facts About Compass High School

  • Free tuition, enrollment, supplies and transportation

  • Established Public “True” Alternative School since 2001

  • Arizona Department of Education Official Diploma

  • 52 unique in-person course offerings

  • 25 self-paced electronic course offerings

  • 16:1 student to teacher ratio

  • 550 average enrollment

  • 1:1 student to computer ratio

  • Hybrid block scheduling 

  • Dual enrollment offerings with Pima Community College

  • Our credits transfer to all other high schools

A Charter High School For You


With our hybrid block scheduling, students are able to fully apply themselves to their learning without getting burnt out. The flexible schedules also allow students to obtain a job or attend to other responsibilities outside of school.

Morning Session

8:00 a.m. - 12:20 p.m. 

Afternoon Session

12:30 p.m. - 4:50 p.m.

Evening Session

4:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


We believe that learning can take place anywhere, not just in a formal Tucson classroom setting. High school credit is earned in many unconventional ways, including independent studies, travels, and internships. We emphasize an understanding of the process of learning and the personal, real-life application of knowledge. We strive to prepare students for lives as adults. Academic and intellectual development is balanced with building strong life and communication skills. 


Life After Graduation

A diploma from Compass High School is accepted at community colleges, the military, and vocational colleges. You can transfer to a state university after enrolling in a community college.

Compass High School is an innovative charter high school that provides teenagers with a choice, different from the conventional public education system. Our learning community is comprised of high school students who are unique learners and a staff that reflects diversity in teaching styles and methods. The culture at CHS encourages interactions between students and teachers to initiate a learning dialog that will encourage our students to become active, self-directed, life long learners. Compass High School’s alternative education system is based on building relationships and hands-on learning. Ultimately we are an alternative charter high school offering individualized, self-paced programs that promote quality education and an opportunity for success for all students.

Our Mission

The primary goal of Compass High School is to exceed the Arizona Standards with quality education.


It is our mission to encourage our students to develop life skills through their education process. 


CHS is dedicated to provide each student with equal opportunities by offering individualized, self-paced programs. 


Our supportive learning environment promotes each student’s individuality.

At Compass High School, our curriculum is adapted from Art Comb’s Six Principles of Learning. 

• People learn best when they have a need to know.

• Learning is a deeply personal, affective experience.

• All behavior, including learning, involves self-concept.

• Learning is governed by the experience of challenge or threat.

• Feelings of being cared for and belonging have vital effects upon learning.

• Effective learning requires feedback.